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Discover how hypnotherapy can help you create the positive changes you need to live a happier, healthier life. It’s easier than you think it is!


Hypnotherapy is such an easy way to change patterns of thought or behaviour that limit your every day happiness. You can quickly and safely change your life in just a few sessions. I believe in self – empowerment and teach self-hypnosis, so after your sessions have come to a close, you will always know how to use this technique to keep yourself on track.

If you feel trapped by something and find yourself saying, if only…..I could stop smoking or over eating, or if only I wasn’t frightened of this or that, hypnotherapy is often the key to your freedom. It’s very easy and normally people find there is a rapid transformation within four to six sessions.

Liberating yourself from unhappy situations created by stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, panic, pain, trauma, lack of confidence, over eating, smoking etc…. etc….. is easier than you think. Hypnotherapy can help with so many issues, if you have something you would like to change, please get in touch and we can discuss if it is the way forward for you.

Sometimes we find ourselves chained to events or circumstances that occurred in our past and these memories influence our present in a negative way. With hypnotherapy we can open the Pandora’s box of your past as little or as much as you feel comfortable with, or not at all. We can’t alter past events, but we can alter how those memories affect our current feelings. Our focus in hypnotherapy sessions is not on the past, but on finding solutions so we can change the present and create a happy future.

Free Initial Chat

Feel free to schedule some time to talk to me for an initial chat. So we can discuss how hypnotherapy can help you make the changes you need. It’s a great way to check if it’s the right approach for you. This is just a chat, there is no obligation to book further sessions. (approx 15 minutes).

If you would like to book a personal hypnotherapy session please contact caroline by e mail on

Hypnotherapy sessions are £75/hour.

About Us

Caroline is a clinical and medical hypnotherapist and particularly skilled in reducing stress and anxiety. She has helped, people recovering from trauma and to cope with serious illnesses.

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